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With a strategic position in Marina di Camerota, the America Hotel offers privileged access to the center and the enchanting surrounding beaches. Perfect for holidays in Cilento!



The hotel stands out for a comprehensive approach to well-being, offering its guests a refined experience in terms of both fitness and relaxation.

The Wellness Center is equipped with modern aroma and chromotherapy technologies that provide a unique sensory journey.
Emotional showers, sauna, and Turkish bath are designed to regenerate the mind and body.
Chromotherapy uses colored lights to positively influence mood and promote relaxation, while aromatherapy uses essential oils to stimulate the senses.


Fitness Room

Our fitness room, complimentary for guests, is equipped with the latest machinery to ensure a comprehensive and satisfying workout even on vacation.


An Exclusive Haven

Our Wellness Center stands as a unique space, offering a luxurious escape and tranquility in the heart of Marina di Camerota.

Representing the pinnacle of elegance and luxury, our Wellness Center offers a wide range of body and mind treatments during your stay in Cilento. The modern design and tranquil atmosphere create a perfect retreat for those seeking ultimate relaxation. Massages are performed by professionals using advanced techniques to release muscle tension and promote overall well-being.

In this exclusive space, every detail is designed to ensure an unforgettable experience. From scented candles to relaxing music, each element contributes to creating an atmosphere of total tranquility.

Your Opinion

Warm welcome; all the staff was very kind and friendly. Excellent location that allowed us to reach the city center on foot. Outstanding breakfast, very bright room with sea view.

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My first time at this hotel where hospitality, courtesy, and cleanliness prevail. The hotel is beautiful, strategically located, allowing us not to use the car to go to the beach or the port.

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