Marina Di Camerota

For those who see it for the first time, Marina di Camerota offers the simple charm of the things you want and dream.

Many years ago Marina di Camerota was almost the same. Its beauty remained uncontaminated.
Some villages, well-integrated, have been added to complement the harmony of the landscape.


The marina is among the most modern and equipped in the area; new dock docks for pleasure boats make it more receptive and suitable for new needs. Marina di Camerota is, however, always the same: an intense blue sea, to which it echoes and contrasts the lightest color of the sky and many villages where to spend their holidays.

Marina di Camerota (in Cilento Marina Cammarota), the most populous city (3,500 inhabitants) of Camerota, in the province of Salerno, is immersed in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site, humanity and biosphere reserve. For nine consecutive years European Blue Flag for tourist destinations.


In the 17th century, Marina di Linfreschi was nothing but a group of houses, at Capo dell’Infrishchi, with a well, oven, storage and tavern, inhabited by peasants and fishermen involved in the fortifications of the coast. The population grows, many mariners of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento settle there, and the settlement expands around a church called Guadagnano San Domenico.

It is July 17, 1848, and Ferdinand II Bourbon signs the decree establishing: “The aggregate of houses along the coast of Camerota takes the name of Marina di Camerota”.

In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the emigration phenomenon, particularly in South America and Venezuela, occurred: for the ties maintained with those lands in a downtown square, facing the harbor, a statue was erected Venezuelan “libertador” Simón Bolívar, who is also dedicated to the country’s main street and one of the two local cinemas.

Between Myth and Legend

The name also goes back to that of the girl Kamaraton, beautiful like a goddess, but from the heart of stone. Legend has it that the sneaky of Aeneas, Palinuro, fell in love with him madly, even coming to follow his image at the bottom of the sea, meeting his destiny. Guilty of unpaid love, Kamaraton was turned into rock by Venus, the rock on which Camerota stands today, a perennial witness of an unfortunate love.

Marina di Camerota is located on State Road 562, 8 km east of Palinuro, 5 from Camerota, 18 from San Giovanni a Piro, and about 90 from Salerno. The coastal area includes the areas and resorts of Grotta del Ciclope (which houses a famous disco) in the west, Cala del Cefalo, Cala Finocchiara, Cala d’Arconte (with an adjacent island) and Calanca. In the east there are Lentiscelle, Cala Fortuna and Cala Monte di Luna, Cala Bianca, Pozzallo and Porto Infreschi.
Located right on the 40th parallel north, it is the southernmost town of Campania. The southernmost point is the nearby Punta Infreschi.